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Customer Service gone wrong...


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Jan 17, 2003
Chilworth, Surrey
I had a call today from my 'local' dealer. They serviced my Punto a year ago and I had (stupidly) thought they should again this year. I do 12000 miles in 11 months, so am a little ahead of a yearly schedule. The call was from the dealer apologizing that the letter to remind me my car needed servicing never got to me, and that I could book it in now if I wanted. That's very nice I thought and proceeded to tell him that 5 weeks ago I tried to book it in.

Back then of course there were too many customers requiring attention, so I would be phoned back to finalise the service arragements. Of course I hadn't heard back. So a day later I called in at a different garage (near to where I work, that I hadn't known about before - can be useful!), and arranged the service in person. The service was good, slightly less than I'd budgeted for - all in all a very reasonable dealer. Friendly and helpful, a place I'd go back to - especially as my car went in filthy dirty and came out sparkling!

It shows me how ignorant a dealer can be. How many people are like me and would look for an alternative dealer if they don't get a call back within a day? He said that it wasn't what he wanted to hear, so I hope he can raise awareness that they lost my custom for that service at the very least (and probably forever - I wasn't that keen on them anyway).

It's not too hard to look at dates of previous services and/or asking a customer how often they need a service, and that could seriously improve a dealers credability. I don't care about a letter saying it's a year form your last service - becasue they can't know how many miles I've done. I remember getting a similar letter from the group who I got my Punto off (got it at 9 months old) - "please take your Fiat to the local Rover dealer for its overdue service" - Uhhh NO!

Dealer to shame: Bishops Fiat of Guildford (They're part of a group doing Nissan (Bishops) and Vauxhall (F G Barnes), and perhaps more)

Dealer to praise: Wilson Purves of Crawley/Ifield

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