General Crap trade in value of Punto Grande in Ireland

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General Crap trade in value of Punto Grande in Ireland


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Jun 8, 2006
Have the 06 3 dr 1.3-Litre Multijet Diesel active 75 with AC and fog lights, got this in Lee garage Cork new and am interested in a new car, it is in good condition with just 9600 miles
They want 7000€ for the exact replacement in 2008
This seems a big drop in such a short time, changing right now for an 07 car would cost about 6300€

2nd option is the 90hp 1.3-Litre Multijet Diesel with alloy wheels climate control fog-lights and they quote 8500€ for the 08 model

Went to Old Chapel Fiat dealers in Bandon, after taking down details the salesman went away and came back 5 mins later with a cock and bull story which went something like
Sorry, no can deal with you for a new 07 car, we have two s/h grande puntos diesel arriving in January and they will be slow to sell
......choker aint it, its all down to "price and demand" but thats buisness for you! Try a larger dealer who might be able to offload your car quicker but dont expect a big increase in secondhand price. Fiat residuals drop quicker than a whores drawers!
Surprised there was not more replies here, this is one fine car with what appears to be a huge drop in value in one year, I would advise people thinking of buying one to inquire as to an estimate of its value in say 2-3 years, any Irish viewers care to comment
Keep it then... run it for ever and get max benefit of a good choice in cheap car. Buy a VW or some other expensive to buy model for good residuals, I had no doubts my GP would lose value quickly, accept it and stick or move on. (y)
did you try Grandons in glanmire? or there is a motor village thing in Bandon with aload of dealers and there is a Fiat dealership there. that does seem pretty poor. My dad is getting the new Bravo..he has ordered it for the first week in January and hes getting about €6000 for his 03 stilo multiwagon in Grandons..but he was speaking to someone with the same car and they are getting 7k for their trade in..can't remember the dealership though. you really need to shop around. but the diesel GP doesn't seem that popular in the dealer probably doesn't want to be stuck with it. i have only seen one diesel GP. all the GPs seem to be the 1.2 active which I feel are way too under powered and don't have enough kit.

My sisters boyfriends father wanted to trade in an Opel Astra 03 that he registered under his company..but they were only prepared to give him € he held on to it. I know these cars are a bit older than yours but not many brands are able to keep good residuals any more. I thought Opel had good residuals but they don't anymore..but to do that you'd have to go with the ridiculously boring VW or Ford. Best thing to do is buy nearly new..ex demo or something and you get a bit off them. sorry for the long winded response!
I fully agre with Klemster. It`s always better to buy a Fiat "nearly new",let someone else take the depreciation hit. With a three year warranty you`r safe for about two,two and a half years anyway. By that time all the gremlins should have been dealt with on the warranty.