General Connecting MP3 Player to Factory Stereo

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General Connecting MP3 Player to Factory Stereo


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Sep 4, 2007
Hello All,

Have just bought myself a 2002 1.9 JTD and am very happy with it! Just one thing though...

Is there any way to connect my MP3 player (non-ipod) to the standard head unit? - mine is the Visteon CD Player (not connect nav+).

I've already dug around on the forum a bit and have seen a few people linking to this 3.5mm lead converter thingy:

Has anyone used this and got it to work or anyone found anything else that works as I'd be very keen to know!


That adaptor harness is for Blaupunkt headunits, and the Stilo HUs are made by Visteon. If you've had the unit out and looked at the connections on the back, you'll see a rectagular connector above the ISO connection. That's the connection for the multichanger, which is where the lead you linked to should connect, but obviously it won't because it's a Visteon unit not a Blaupunkt one. You'd need to find a visteon adaptor, but to be honest, I'm not all that optimistic you'll find one all that easily.

Welcome to the world of Stilo ownership, and of course, welcome to the Massive :D
Cheers guys I'll have a look at the FM transmitter jobbys. Otherwise might just swap the factory stereo with one with an aux in jack.
Bought the best FM and it works like sh't. Lots of noise and interference. It works fine on the open road, but I needed a solution for a city.

Just can't recommend FM if you're living in city with lot of interference.

I also look for solution, but can't find one. If they only produce the same designed MP3.