Technical Connect Nav+ Broken?

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Technical Connect Nav+ Broken?

Jan 10, 2005
Is my connect Nav+ broken?

Software version 9.9

Reason for asking is when I enter place names it take forever to search through, one of the worst I've found is Warrington it can take 5 mins per letter of the word, then it seems to take longer as the letters progress.

I used a 2005 -2006 Official CD, no scratches and a new CDR version of the 2006 -2007.

Any better versions of the software available or is connect nav+ just expensive junk thats has been superseded?
or is connect nav+ just expensive junk thats has been superseded?

I had a 2002 connect nav that failed twice. To be honest it was a relief to buy the next Fiat without one and buy a *solid state* removable type from Halfords with all the europe maps that run from an SD card.

The problem I had with the connect nav was that its running its CD, whirring away (and wearing) even when not used.

Hope you get it fixed Chris, but cant see why connect navs are not all solid state, now 2GB memory cards are available cheaply. I bet too they have maintained their massive price, despite portable units coming down to under £200. (n)

CD damage and dirty lense causes this. All road data is stored on the CD, and the CN+ will seem to freeze if it has trouble accessing it.

Since the discs seem to be ok, I'd perform a CD lense clean.