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General Colour code help


Bandido A Maneira!!
Feb 15, 2007
I know this is a strange request but could someone with the same colour bravo as this please be kind enough to look in the boot and give me the colour code the reason i am asking is because my car has different colour boot and i want to get the colour made up (that is also the reason i cant check myself) either that or if someone else knows if there are any other locations on the car i could get the code from? Thanks for your help as usual guys and girls

I remember posting a paint code reference some time ago, allowing you to find the code by model and baujahr.

I'll try to find it.
I doubt it, i searched yesterday after tom mentioned having previously posted and it said the same thing and again when i tried just now.

Indeed, I checked the site and they took these files off it.
I MAY have a local copy at work. Will check that on Monday.
There you go - I've found some of it.


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Ive been trying to find out the name of the colour of my paint - now I have it in italian :D

Does anyone have a list of the Fiat names for all the Brava/o colours?