Technical Color of Cooling water

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Technical Color of Cooling water


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Oct 18, 2005
I'm owner of 98 1.6SX automatic Bravo, i was wondering which color of cooling water should i use in my bravo.

The colour is irrelevant. You can get blue, green and red and probably more. It's how much you put in that matters.
Get one to match the colour of your car :D Doesn't matter which you use as long as you follow the mixing instructions and (if changing) remove any airlocks in the pipes (bane of my life last year :rolleyes:) after :).
and make shure the stuff aint corrosive to aluminium, being the head is made of that stuff..:) (y)
Does someone know how I romeving the air locks?
because when i'm going on low speed in heavy traffic conditions my temerature going up to 90.
How fast is the temperature gauge moving and have you got above the minimum level of coolant at present? There's a thread on possible causes of high temperature readings here, will find it out for you :)
Is your fan working? If its ok normally it sounds like your fan isn't turning on.
My fan is fine, i checked it and the coolant level is ok, the first idea that coming to me is that i have air locks, does someone can help me with that?