Technical Colder Radiator Fan switch 85-76º compatible

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Technical Colder Radiator Fan switch 85-76º compatible


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Dec 26, 2019
The Cinque radiator switch makes me very uncomfortable because it's mounted on the cold outlet of the radiator (where the water get's back into the engine after cooling down) and still the switch only fires the Fan at 97ºC and shut off at 92ºC.

Changing this usually means to use a universal type switch.

But after some catalogue browsing i've found IVECO OEM 98435734 valve, that uses the correct oval connection and starts the fan at 85ºC down to 76ºC (remember this is the colder side of the radiator, has nothing to do with 87ºC thermostat opening).

I've used a Facet 7.5287 and I'm very happy now as the temperature in traffic only dials 1/2 millimeters above the 90ºC mark.

Also checked the ECU maps and anything above 70ºC doesn't bring any fuel or ignition correction so no fuel economy issues with running a bit colder.
I've always been convinced these (and most modern cars) run very hot just for emissions sake.
Pretty sure my vfr800 has an 82° or 88° thermostat but the fan doesn't come on until 103° (factory behaviour.)

Now that is scary in stop start traffic, when driving dash stays around 75°, anything over 69° is closed loop for the ECU.

Are there any two stage switches available for the cinq/sei?

hi speed at 97° slow speed at a lower temp via a ballast resistor?

Having a two speed fan reduces the initial current load too, the fan will already be spinning by the time it kicks into full speed.
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