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General Seicento SPI fan switch


Sep 12, 2017
Hi guys, my seicento overheated, boiled a bit of water. The fan did not Kick in.
I checked the fuse, the relays and I shorted the fan switch conector and the fan turned on. So i think the problem is the switch right.
So I bought a new fan switch but I asked for a 92/87 degress switch. Dont like the idea of the original 97 degress. They said that they did not have a direct replacememt, so they gave me an universal switch.
Aparently all I have to do is connect the 2 wires to the 2 switch terminals. My question is are there a positive and a negative Wire? I dont see a positive and a negative terminal on the switch. Can I just chop the wires and put 2 connectors and thats it?
The seicento spi radiator temperature switch closes the ground side of the circuit. So the ground wire from the fan motor connects to the temperature switch and continues to ground. I don't believe there is an in and an out.
That is what I was thinking. So I can chop the connector from the car fan switch and put 2 straight connector to fit the new switcht.
Thanks for the help