General Clutch slave problem

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General Clutch slave problem

Jun 25, 2007
Hi guys and gals, had a minor issue with my car earlier today. I was going around a corner in 2nd gear and went to change to 3rd on the way out of the corner, and it just would not budge into a gear, any gear infact. So, I pulled my foot off the clutch to find that the pedal stayed welded to the floor. So I rolled it up the the curb side and rang the RAC. The nice man said it was a clutch slave cylinder that was at fault and he couldnt do anything with it at the roadside so he towed me to the nearest Fiat dealer, which happens to be Autoworld just outside Chesterfield.

Has anyone else had this problem?? If so was it expensive??


Well on the 1.6 its easy to change have a look at this diagram the cylinder is on top of the gearbox..

All they will do is unbolt the slave cylinder from the gearbox and use a brake clamp on the rubber hydraulic line to stop all flow and spillage of fluid ..the slave is then unbolted from the rubber hydraulic line and the new slave fixed in place to the hydraulic line ..the slave is then bolted back on the gearbox and the system bled a good un (y)