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Technical Clutch or slave cylinder


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Sep 12, 2007
I have a problem with a 98 Brava 1.4sx.
The clutch does not appear to be disengaging fully when the pedal is pressed. It is very difficult/ not possible to put the car into gear. It is impossible to select reverse with the engine on. When in gear and with the clutch pedal fully down, the car creeps forward.

The problem does not seems to improve with pumping the clutch pedal.

What is the best way of finding out if the problem lies with the clutch slave cylinder or the clutch itself. From what I can see there is no visible leak and the fluid level doesn't appear to be going down.

Is there a way of testing the slave cylinder or removing the slave cylinder and testing the clutch manually?

Thanks in advance!
leaks and fluid loss are the best way to check, after that you should bleed the slave cylinder to see if it improves things. you can also ask someone to pump your clutch pedal while you watch the slave cylinder to make sure it is moving the clutch fork as expected. if it is misaligned or loose it may not push far enough.

if you still get no joy its clutch change time.
I think 1.4 are not hydraulics byt with a wipe rope.Does the car runs well when you have a gear on or does it feel like not going?If so then its time to change clutch.
oh i forgot it is cable operated. in that case just adjust the cable to make it shorter. this needs to be done periodically on all cable operated clutches to compensate for wear on the plate.
Thanks for your suggestions.

The system on the 1.4 is hydraulic so I've replaced the slave cyclinder (with a second hand unit) as the boot was split however the problem still exists - it looks like new clutch time.

Do you have any hints and tips for clutch replacement? I'm planning on following the Haynes manual. I'll get a ball joint separator to disconnect the track rod ends. The only thing that I do not have is an engine hoist to support the engine as I remove the transmission - is there anything I can use instead?

Thanks again,