Technical Clock resetting with ignition off.

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Technical Clock resetting with ignition off.


Oct 27, 2007
Hello all,
well after scrapping my 2000 Seicento a couple of weeks back I have now got a 2002 model. It's a 1.1S so fairly basic. I only picked it up yesterday so I am only just discovering its faults.
First fault I have found is that the digital clock sets itself back to 0.00 every time I turn the ignition off. The clock seems to work but obviously resetting every time I fire it up is a bit daft and totally impractical.
Does anyone know what might be the problem? I'm suspecting a fuse but everything else seems to be working as it should.
Well, that's going to be my next question. The radio didn't work so I pulled it out today to find that ALL the wiring for the radio is missing! It's not that its been clipped short, it just isn't there. I am going to search further tomorrow but so far I can't find any radio wires.
I see what you're getting at though with the radio still working with the ignition off. Is it that the radio and the clock use the same wire?
Thanks for replying by the way.

And I think the hazard lights too. All the stuff which still works with the ignition off. People get caught out leaving the radio on and getting a flat battery and can't understand it so they mess about with the wiring... most cars of the era had radios which switched off with ignition.
When I bought my current seicento the cd player had an led which was on all the time. Even with the fascia removed!!!

I just fitted a better CD player.. the guy selling it didn't get it and turned up with a battery booster in hand.

Good luck finding your missing wires ☺
Well, I have found the wiring, or what is left of it. It has been cut off for some reason and taped up and hidden behind the dash. It will all need new wires soldering on.
I also found a Toad A51s immobiliser under the dash which I wasn't expecting as I don't have any fobs for it. I'm assuming that if I disconnect it the car won't go. I will have to trace the wires back to remove it so that's another big job I could do without.
Oh no. Maybe get that part of the dash loom from a scrap yard and label it all up as you remove it?
That is an option but for now I think I will just leave it well alone an see if it causes any problems. If not it can stay where it is.
I will do the stereo though as it will drive me mad having no music.