• Socket Wrench
  • Torque Wrench
  • Universal Joint (in case you can't get socket into the 2 middle plugs)
  • 10mm Socket (for airbox and ignition coil cover)
  • 10mm Spark Plug Socket (for plugs)
  • Feeler Gauges or a Spark Plug Electrode Tool
  • 4 Spark Plugs
  • 4 Ignition Leads
Got the tools...Let's take a look then


To get to the spark plugs you must remove the airbox and the short piece of hosing (circled red), by unclipping the front half from the rear half (unclip the 2 black handles) and from the front of the engine (bottom of the airbox), and the hosing should just pull off. Then you must remove the rear half of the airbox using the 10mm socket and twisting the socket wrench anti-clockwise. Once these are loose you can lift the airbox to reveal the spark plugs.

To reveal the ignition coil end of the ignition leads, unscrew the 3 10mm Nuts from the plastic coil cover (circled blue) and remove the cover.

Ok...Let's change the plugs and leads now
*pics to be added*

First and foremost, don't go rushing in here, do one plug and lead at a time.

Remove the leads at the spark plug end by squeezing the thick rubber part as close to the plug as possible, and pull it up with a bit of a tug. The lead can be simply pulled off at the ignition coil end.

So that's the lead taken off, bin it, you have a fresh set!
Now to remove the spark plugs, using the 10mm Spark Plug socket, unscrew the spark plug by turning it Anti-Clockwise, and that's a plug removed, again bin it!
**Take note, you may have to use a universal joint for the middle 2 plugs, as they can be tricky to get at**

Let's put the new plug in then. First set the electrode (the small metal hook at the end of the spark plug) gap to 0.9mm using either feeler gauges or an electrode tool.
Then slowly twist the spark plug clockwise back into it's hole by hand, being very careful to avoid cross threading it, as this will mean a new engine head at worst or at least a major pain and re tapping the thread :eek:. To help avoid cross threading, do not force the plug if it won't screw in any further than a few turns, take it out and try again.
a piece of rubber hose over the plug can help to get it seated and turned a few turns as it has more 'feel'
Once you have screwed the plug in quite far, tighten it up to 27Nm or 20lbft using the torque wrench and spark plug socket, it will be tightened when the torque wrench "clicks".

Now put the lead on the coil end then the spark plug end, ensuring that both ends are securely in place.

Repeat for the remaining plugs and leads.

Plugs and leads changed...rebuild your car
Now the plugs and leads are changed, rebuild everything in this order;
  • Ignition Coil Cover (3 10mm bolts)
  • Rear of Airbox (2 10mm bolts), these can be awkward to line up with their corresponding throttle body holes, be patient, they will go in.
  • Tubing
  • Front of Airbox
And there you have it, you have just changed your spark plugs and ignition leads.

to help you identify lead order if you remove them all(dont do that ;)

  • plugs looking from the front of the car:
  • 1 2 3 4
  • Leads onto coils looking from the front if the car:
  • 4
  • 1
  • 3
  • 2
  • Plug lead order is cast into the plate which holds the coils.