General cinq over heating at higher speed

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General cinq over heating at higher speed


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Feb 3, 2006
:confused: Well im stuck, my 95 899cc cinq started to over heat couple of weeks ago and losing water, but only at higher speed, so checked the radiator this was knackerd, so i changed it, but no still overheating, so today i changed the thermostat and still the same problem.
Hang on....its losing water yes.

How can you tell its speed dependant?...especially given that you have to go from a standing start, back to a stop.

If it has already overheated, my money's on head gasket. When the rad on my 899cc went its water consumption was circa 5L in 20miles. The HG went the week after (taking the 'stat with) and water consumption reached 5L per 10miles @ 70mph.

Once it overheats, probability is the cylinder head warps just enough to retain a vague seal (the engine will run, probably very rough), and will dump coolant into the cylinders - so thats probably where its going.

Check the oil - if it looks like cappucino in the sump, or has creamy bits in it at the top - its got water in it, that means the HG has probably blown.

Oh, and check the system is bled correctly, you could have an airlock.

And I'll second the motion about checking the fan.
Hi fan is working ok, Took the the breather hose off the rocker cover to see the colour of the oil and it was all creamy, does this mean the head gasket gone and if yes how much are we looking at to repair it.
Well if you do it yourself youre looking at about £70 (replacing only HG, rocker gear gasket and skimming head)

For a garage to do it Id think its about 2-3hrs labour plus above cost. So about £120-180