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Styling 1995 cinq


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Feb 21, 2023

Does anyone know if these black, I guess you can call them bump strips down the side would come off easily enough? Iv never seen a cinq in the UK with them till this one. Iv seen some in other countries tho.

As I can't find a panda 100hp at the moment I'm thinking of getting this as not many cinqs that are in this condition pop up and I can't wait forever for an imola blue one. I'm having ABIT of a 90s flashback, I even bought a flip phone.
Those are glued on.. so yes, they can be removed. You'll need petrol or similar (acetone?) to get the glue residue off. Don't scrub it off with polish. paraffin, white spirit or etc. you'll risk damaging the paint. Think more "dissolve" than "abrade".

Ralf S.
Are the black side strips a rare optional extra? =]
Are the black side strips a rare optional extra? =]

Some mid-level spec' Cinq's were fitted with them .. but the Sporting didn't have them as standard.

I vaguely remember there was an official Fiat accessory, rather than an option. As I recall that had a white on blue /F/I/A/T/ logo badge inserted into the rear panel piece. If yours has no badge it could be an aftermarket kit or was made for the "regular" Cinq's that had the strips but without the Fiat badge in it.

Ralf S.
Iv seen some for sale in the Netherlands with them on but not my taste. Maybe they add 5bhp through aero dynamics
After deciding that I'm probably gonna get a cinq for now as I'm struggling to find a low mileage panda 100hp, I looked at this one again and realised the front bumper is different too. Genuinely didn't know they had diff options, one YouTube video seems to think there was a 'german version'
The front bumper looks standard.

The upper slot on the radiator side should have a black painted trim on it (on yellow cars) and I can't see one in the photo... but the slot on the right is correct; blanked and no trim round it.

It could have had some front end work. Right under the bonnet line there's supposed to be a black plastic trim that is either missing or has been sprayed yellow. See the attachment:

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