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Technical Checked today


Nov 6, 2005
Tamworth, West Midlands
The last 3 days there has been a problem with my car. All of a sudden the sterring wheel becomes heavy and the car sounds like its grinding against something it i tryed to turn the wheel. This happened every day for the last 3 days. So i took it into fiat today and they test drove it and couldnt find anything. He wasnt happy with it though so they put it on the ramp and checked it out.

So i went back after college to collect it. A valve in my PAS pump has gone apparently and my exhaust is "Heavily coroded" Theres a hole in my exaust and a crack. Its an imminent problem and is "about to fall off". They gave me the list of repairs and its going to cost me over £400!

Im not going to be able to afford to get it repair for around another 2-3 months maybe even 4 im not sure.
exhaust you can get cheaper elsewhere and you could even fit it yourself to save more penny's.did they say which part?
PAS pump you could maybe get 2nd hand
My dad knows some good places from his previouse cars so hes going to go around and get quotes tomorrow. The PAS Pump can be held off for a little while but i need the exhaust done as soon as possible. How much cheaper do you recon i could get it? Fiat priced it at £217 i think.
I got it done this after noon. We went to this place my dad goes to. It cost me £120 altogether and it took them a hell of a lot less time to do it than fiat estimated.
Thats spot on mate

As much as it cost me to get mine sorted
Now i am sure that FIAT dealers are the same in every country!
This money difference, between official dealers and other garages, is very common in Greece as well!
Now i am feeling happy!(n) (n)