Technical changing dipped headlights

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Technical changing dipped headlights


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Feb 28, 2006
having problems changing the dipped headlight bulb on the left side of my car as the fuse box is in the way. There is no room to take the black plastic covering off. Can anyone help?
i wouldnt no where to start with all that lol do u have any ideas how much a garage might charge to do it?
its my first car n the first thing that iv kinda needed doing to it so nope. thanks for your help btw
I managed to change mine by loosening the fuse box mounting a bit so it moved enough to get the bulb out - oh and lost the skin on my knuckles as well. Had to do the driver's side one last week, there was a bit of swearing for that one as well thanks to the coolant bottle....
Oh bugger. Kind of wished I hadn't read the other entries. I have to change mine tonight - just bought 4 new Xenon Ultras. Theres something ironic about having pimp lights on a 1.2 Punto, makes me smile. :D

Wish me luck. I have no idea what I'm doing. Got my Punto in Feb, and have barely looked under the bonnet. (have always had a company car before = lazy bugger - take it to garage for the simplest of things).

If anyone can spare me a simple piece of advice which will spare my frustration pllllease let me know now! :bang:
Changing bulbs takes a matter of minutes and twisting things. TBH its best having ago your self, will save you 7.50 every time you need to change a blown bulb.
Ok, just did mine this morning, with a little help. Heres some tips for the un-initiated.

Drivers side:
Follow the manual..... its a little fiddly, with the low beam being trickier of the two. Just keep hold of all the clasps which might fall off. You will need these later!
I had problems getting the bulb stem out of the plastic holder... just wiggle and pull lightly - it eventually comes free.

Passenger side:
As per manual. However theres bugger all room between the black fuse box
to wiggle the cover free. Remove the headlight panel. Its not as scary as it sounds. Simply undo the 3 (maybe 4?) bolts on the top of the light fitting. Wiggle the light panel (the whole lot which is the front of the car light) out a few cm's. You don't need to pull it all the way out.
This will give you a couple more cm's to get the bulb covers off at the back.

Screw everything back together.... if you're left with any bolts/screws/clasps... pray. ;)

Top Tip: (y)
Place the new bulb in the socket first. Put the metal clasp into place to hold the bulb. Connect the electric socket to the bulb at the end.

This might sound stupid, but when I took my old bulbs out the clasps were over the bulb AND the wires/socket- which made it really fiddly. I didn't know any better - so tried to reconnect it in this way. Which is almost impossible.
Keep the plastic socket & wires til last.

Took me about 5 minutes. Of which 3 was spent wondering whether I was about to kill my car. :eek:
WITTERS: i just changed drivers side dipped bulb(H1) on a 2001 Y reg 12v Punto the bulb was corroded into the holder and the wire came out of the connector and was very difficult to get back because it is so short! Any way thanks for tip about clips they are a pain! Much worse than my fairly new MERC E class and that is not easy. Only took 1hr 50 for Punto how would you do it by the roadside?And the law wants them serviceable at all times! Next time it is off to my friends garage with it, it is my son's car and he is a musician not a mechanic. Anyway celebratory beer tonight claycross1:eek: