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General centre exit back box


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Mar 20, 2006
hi,im looking at getting a centre exit back box for my 97 chinq sporting has anyone else done this mod and if so how easy is it to do?and also anyone know of a cheap website for decent universal backboxes..

any help appreciated
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I've done it on my Cinq. Had to get a garage to do it as you need to make new mounts as its a centre exit.

thanks alot for the comments.cinqsport_newboy how much did the garage charge to have the new brackets done?
CinqSport_Newboi said:
I've done it on my Cinq. Had to get a garage to do it as you need to make new mounts as its a centre exit.

thats b*llocks. the sportex comes with the bracket to attach it to the normal mount.
the sportex?what type of pipes this and what sites sell them m8?
I had a sportex 3" jobbie on my cinq and it was nothing but trouble!!!,it sat right and looked sound,but the weight in the box was too much so when i flung the car about a wee bit it was moving and jumping about all over,and in the end a speedbump wiped it out!,so i had to weld it on,so i had one big pipe from front to back!

sportex do come with a bracket to fit to original mount,but its the weight that causes problems,would have been better to make another mount from the other side too

i would defo recommend the look,but wouldnt recommend getting it done!

and before you all have your say it was fitted perfectly,was all sound,it was just a pain in the centre rear!!!

p.s got mine from evolution sports in peterlee(north east) £87!
I fitted the Sportex one myself it was quite easy. The hardest bit was getting the old exhaust off. If you do it the old fasioned way and use a hammer and chisel be prepared you might end up buggering the Lambda sensor. so take your time and use heat!
I Also had to shorten the mid section by about 30mm to make everthing fit nicely. Looks good though but to be honest it is a bit loud for me
My wifes just taken it off the car today on a speed bump so be carefull
I have a sportex centre exit and had to hang it on the RHS to stop it falling off - the bracket it comes with is too long for the weight of the box and it fell off three times before I made the extra brackets - I can stand on the tailpipe now. The noise from these takes getting used to - prepare for damaged hearing in a few years!!!