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General Central locking problems


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Feb 4, 2006
Hi new to the forum, and im having problems with the central locking on my 51 plate Punto 1.2 8v passenger door, sometimes it will activate the central locking and sometimes it wont, the drivers door lock works fine, any ideas what could be causing this problem, cheers Dave
Hi T14086, The car is a 5 door and yes usually the passenger door locks when done from the drivers side, but nothing from the passengers side door lock the key just turns right and left but does not lock or unlock. cheers Dave
If it doesn't even put the button down on the pass door when locking from pass side it likely to be mechanical(lock?)the fact it locks from drivers side rules out wiring fault...i'd remove door panel & check all linkage rods are ok,if so sounds like morot/latch assembly(comes as one part)....does the button go down on the pass door when locking from pass side?
Hi T14086, no the button does not go down when operated from passengers side, i will remove the door panel and see what going on in there, many thanks Dave