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Technical carb and water


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Jul 23, 2002
United Kingdom.
been having probs with over heating, checked all the usual things, and replaced fan switch as you do.
decided to make sure that bleeding was being done correct ,so undid pipe from carb to header tank at tank end its a long pipe so let it hang down, then noticed a lump of? goo sticking out of the plastick the pipe conects to on the tank.
ha ha found the prob, cleared it pathway into tank nice and clear now, started engine to blow through anything else in there but nothing no goo no water no nothing,removed inlet pipe to carb and the waters there but no throughput on the carb so out with the foot pump it has one of those clever little adapters for blowing up airbedsfitted same to carb in and outlets but cant blow any air or water through the carb water passages. ergo to my mind no pressure relief to header tank, so am i thinking wrong is there a? valve in there ,. i see nothing in the book that helps so is anyone out there able to shed any light on my prob ,i would be eternally gratefull,

If you've got goo in the cooling water, it sounds like either your head gasket may have gone (oil in the water), or the antifreeze has never been changed and it's gone off. Most likely the head gasket though.

There isn't a valve in the carb, the water should pass straight through. You could temporarily bodge it by connecting the water inlet and outlet hoses together, but this may cause some icing up and cold starting problems come winter (the air gets colder when it passes through the venturi in the carb, to do with fluid dynamics) which is why it's water heated.

Hope this is of some use to you.

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I did as sugested and bypassed the carbtomorrow it dets a run to check it out, goo was perhaps a misleading term, the blockage was ? like a jelly , like very soft silicon sealer brown in colour,

The carb itself let a very small amount of very rusty water trickle out as the pipe was removed i,ve not had the car long so maybe overheating is what made the last owners selldont think the heads gone yet ,? hopefully oils ok, caps clean,and no sign of anything in the header tank, water not over clean etc, thanks for the advice steve its apreciated and by winter it will be back to normal.

900 and 1100 cinq's are prone to head gasket failure - the goo you describe sounds like an oil/water combination. It is possible though that this is the result of an earlier failure which may have been repaired, especially if you say there is no trace of it anywhere else.

Good luck!

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Went for a 60 some mile round trip this morning absolutly no problems at all, temp steady at around 75/80 ish ,at lights etc run up to 90 ish then down as you started running again,.

thinking about what the cause may be ,I think at sometime someone may have put some rad sealer in maybe had a leak? and over time the carbs
jacket having small through ways have maybe collected sealant and slowly over time and with the heat closed the way through .

So its a new jacket or a new carb to put things back to normal,
thanks for the advice Pete it was apreciated "dont understand why i didnt think of bypass myself straight away" must be old age?

David [email protected]
Done. using a combination of soaking in vineger for an hour
or so and some carb spray cleaner, i managed to blow the
jacket free with the foot pump so the jobs done all is back to
normal ,so thanks once again.