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car alarm solution


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Feb 22, 2007
ok through experimentation i think ive solved the locking the doors but not setting the alarm problem. lock the doors as usual with the remote but hold the button down for about 5 seconds untill you hear a second set of beeps now the doors are locked but the alarm is unset. now you can lock your car with the sunroof open.

to test if it works try it with the window open and stick your hand in.(y) :D
can anyone confirm if this works, or is it just my multi.
Re: car alarm solution. IT WORKS but..........

can anyone confirm if this works, or is it just my multi.[/quote]

Well Done :worship: :worship: :worship: Works on mine too. Only small problem is that even with the siren disabled, the hazard lights still flash if the alarm is triggered. If you're just opening the tailgate from outside using the key with the faulty sender* this is not a problem:D . You can also start the engine ok but with the hazard lights flashing, driving away might confuse people. I seem to recall that under normal conditions once the alarm goes off (siren and flashing lights) it goes through three alarm cycles of about 1 minute each before disarming automatically so maybe it won't confuse them for too long. If the key in the ignition has a working remote, pressing it with the engine running disarms the alarm and turns off the flashers.

* I've got one `good' key and one that eats batteries; it drains a new set in about 8 hours. I discovered this after the keypress failed to unlock the doors. I opened them manually, set the alarm off and, as the batteries were flat and the remote didn't work, wasn't able to turn it off:yuck:
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Re: car alarm solution. Quick update.

With the siren turned off the hazard lights are still triggered by the alarm, and unfortunately although they only flash for three cycles if a security sensor is tripped, they stay `live' until turned off and any subsequent trip starts the cycle again. This means that if you've got a faulty key with a remote that won't turn the alarm off, the hazard lights will flash for as long as you are driving the car. Interesting thing is that going by the sound of the `clicks', the relay that caues the lights to flash is built into the body of the siren unit. This is a different relay than the one used for normal indicators or hazards.

Fiat appear to have anticiated that owners might want to disable the alarm; that's why the owners manual shows a key slot specifically for this in the dashboard fuse box. For some reason best known to Fiat, this key slot is omitted from right hand drive cars, at least it is on mine:mad: