cant wire remote wire from amp to radio

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cant wire remote wire from amp to radio

Apr 11, 2007
i bought a mutant amp and sub kit from halfords
i had a sony radio and this had a connection on the iso block for it for the remote wire for the amp
i changed my head unit and got an lg bluetooth radio
unfortunately the iso block doesnt have a connection at the end and you have to manually wire up every single wire ( all 50million of them)
i just plugged the fiat iso block into the radio and the sub into the pre-outs and they all work fine but i dont know where to connect the remote wire to on the standard fiat iso block
its a mk2 sporting punto
anyone any ideas !!!!!!
i think i know what you are on about and im not sure if this is right but just cut the wires and then take the ends off and join them together :)
i found out how to do it
the standard fiat iso block does not have a seperate wire for a power lead for the amp
what needs to be done is wire the amp to the ignition wire on the amp
took me ages to figure out where this was its the red/black wire on the block and if you look on the radio or book it says what each wire was
mine said A7 ignition
only think to take note of is that it is a permenant live wire so what you have to do is put a switch on the main power lead from the battery otherwise it will empty your battery! learned that the hard way.
i put the switch down to the left of the handbreak where the little coin holder is, or where the traction control button would be if it was a 1.8hgt coz theres enough room to fit your hand down there and its descrete and easy to hide the wires