Technical Can I use 195/60 R15's?

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Technical Can I use 195/60 R15's?


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Sep 5, 2004
Got a 2002 HGT Abarth and it's time to change my tyres. Using 185/55 R15's (standard) right now but am thinking of changing them for 195/60 R15's. Reckon there'll be any problems (besides tyre rub if I turn with full steering lock)? Which else tyre size can I use? Got the Abarth alloys on and I don't plan to change them. Thanks.
Actually, i'm thinking of changing the 185's to 195's purely for looks. I think with the 185's you've got a lot of space visible above the tyre. Moreover changing tyre sizes is cheaper than changing my alloys for bigger ones or lowering my car. The price difference isn't much (185/55 & 195/60).

Using the 195/50's... wouldn't the space above my tyre be more again?
the 195 refers to the width across the tyre. the 50/60 refers to the height of the tyre when viewed on the car if you know what i mean.
do you mean the gap between the tyre and wheelarch?
raising the profile wont do much fro the looks as it will make your alloys look smaller and can give a bit more roll in the corners

Plus the handling will be softer due to more tyre wall. Lower the suspension if you want to reduce the side of the gap above your wheels.

195/60 are massive compared to 185/55 or 195/50 and your speedo will under-read meaning when you think you're doing 70 you'll be doing something like 75..
Yes, by gap I mean the space between the tyre and the wheel arch. By increasing the profile, it does fill up this area. I had the guy at the tyre place slap on a 195/60 this afternoon (only because he didn't have 195/55's or 195/50's). It did look good by I am worried about tyre rub and, like you mentioned, roll while cornering....
Yup, just one to see what it looked like and to check for rub with full steering lock in both directions. Nope, didn't charge me 'cause my friend was having his tyres changed...