Can and do you heel and toe?

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Can and do you heel and toe?


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Mar 23, 2007
Attempting to teach myself to heel and toe my punto, for reasons of smoothness and lightning the load on clutch and syncromesh, also it sounds pretty nice, got as far as rev matching downshifts for fast smooth ones but can only do it when i'm not on the brakes, so not ideal, when i try to brake and blip the throttle i can't manage it..the whole turning your foot sideways wont work for me (my knee is in the steering column when i try...) only way i can do it is to cover both accellerator and brake by moving my foot between them (obviously having pressed the clutch down momentarily before) but to get good braking force you press the go pedal too hard and the engine races...and dont really want to let up on the brake cos you generally press it for a reason!...can anyone do it? am i doing it wrong? or is the punto badly set up for it?
look it up :rolleyes:

I cant in my car, the foot well is too small, and my feet are to big :D

If i got pedal extentions then i think i could manage it, but they make the accelerator pedal far to small.
Slowing down through the gears using your heel to brake while blipping the accelerator with your toes to match the rpms to road speed and smooth your downshifts and reduce synchomesh and clutch wear...think that covers it...
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I nearly always heel and toe the MGB, it has a throttle pedal extension. It's an ally plate you bolt on which I bough from Paddy Hopkirk. So in that car you can brake with the sole of your shoe and blip trhe throttle with the side. Its useful as being an early car it does not have synchro on first and needs double de clutching. I think this is where heel and toe comes from, because by the time you have got a crash box between gears you have missed a lot of braking time and this would have mattered in racing. With the Marea Weekend it would look ridiculous so all I do there is help the synchro a bit on downshifts before the oil warms up.
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i can toe and toe :p

size13 ftw :slayer:
yeah, i got in the habbit of heal toeing ages ago. always do it in anything i drive. just automatic now! doesnt always work tho as some cars (e.g my work van) doesnt have an instant throttle responce and takes a sec after pressing the accelerator for the engine to react in which time uve changed down ur gear lol

its mint in the UT, work awesomely well!

Woot figured out how to do it on standard pedals....tho you have to be an avid wearer of skater shoes.....the width is important!
i can but much prefer to engine brake....

we don't all have that 5pot howl to listen to :(

I do it most times, as my g'box is dying pretty rapidly so am trying to get as much out of it as possible before it goes (giving it a break by matching myself adn not allowing the syncromesh cones to take the brunt).