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General Cam Belt Timing


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Aug 30, 2007
Had a cam belt go on an R reg 1.6 bravo (yes I know I should have checked it - it went before it should have done though in my defence!).

Nearly all sorted now but the problem I have is as the cam belt went I obviously don't have any marks to help with re-aligning all the timing.

What's the best way to sort out the timing not having any marks to align it all up with?

Ta loads in advance! :)
lock both cams using the timing tools and set piston1 to TDC using a rod in the sparkplug hole. it is explained in detail in your haynes manual.

Do the timing tools fit on the timing gear or the cam shaft do you know?
And where can you get them from? Any options that are cheaper than Fiat?

The Haynes bible only talks through how to do it if you leave marks prior to taking the belt off, and doesn't really cover otherwise! :( Unless I'm being blind I guess, but I couldn't find it anywhere ....

many thanks again! :) :)
my haynes explains how to use the timing tools, it even has pics to show where they fit on each camshaft. haynes covers both methods, read it again :)

any motorfactor will sell you the timing tools.
Thanks loads!

I'll give it a read when I get home. This forums brilliant, I'll have to stick around here more often!