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popping out
Sep 24, 2005
Kirkby in Ashfield
I have put a deposit down on a 03 Stilo JTD 3 door today and they're giving me £2200 for my 51 reg punto Go! I got the Stilo for £5350 which is a bargin.

As much as i love the punto I want something bigger with more power and wanting to keep with FIAT the stilo was my choice.

I had a test drive in it today and there is a huge improvment in handling/gadgets etc.

Hopefully I will be picking it up next saturday.
nice one, which JTD is it??

I was looking at a 02 plate Stilo locally for £3200, its a 2.4abarth in moonshine silver, however its done 96,000 miles and has been driven like someone stole it everytime (I have seen it about a bit). Fancy something more retro though, like an alfa GTV etc.

Is the £5350 before you take off the punto? meaning £3050 to pay?
faster4_tec said:
Is the £5350 before you take off the punto? meaning £3050 to pay?

I would say so.

Least your keeping up with fiats then :) Punto was my first car but when i upgraded to a bravo then it was a different world of driving :)