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General Bulbs?


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Sep 15, 2005
hi i have a 1.2 8v punto w reg and i was thinking to get new bulbs, im looking for much brighter & whiter lights caus the ones i have now they are absolutely crap u cant see anythin at night or the motorway please any one point me in the right direction like if i need H4 or H7 and what company would be good for my requirements for my punto

cheers nAS
H7 Osram Silverstar would be a good replacement. ebay has some, or places such as
they have to have the same h number asthat is the fitment. h7 has diff conencteres to h4.

on a mk2 may be best to check exactly what yours out by taking one out if you can as someonethey are h4 and some h7. it should say on the buln if not you can check the connectors.

i got osram silver star very nice really noticed a difference especialy on dipped beam. also when you doing the bulbs dont expect a 5 min job lol the passenger side bulb is swine and you may need to remove the light unit to change it or to unbolt the fusebox and push thta back.