General Orange bulb light solved at last!

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General Orange bulb light solved at last!

Jan 16, 2020
Finally after many times with the orange bulb warning light coming on and taking off the rear light clusters to clean the earth pins, replacing both connectors and cleaning pins in the earth connection box in the boot, I've found the culprit.
This may be of use to all you people who have been on the same journey (or are still on it!).
The earth wire in the ground point connection box had worked loose and as I was pushing the two halves of the box the female ferrule was being pushed back and so not connecting properly!
As you'll see in the photo it looks like a small section of the housing that's supposed to hold the ferrule in place had snapped off so the ferrule was able to move backwards when pushing the male pin of the mating box lid on.
I fixed it by pushing the wire right in and inserting a small piece of plastic (a barb off a Rawl plug) in place of the missing original bit and super glued it in.
No more orange light bulb on the dash 😁