Tuning Built vs Bought Cinquecento track day project

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Tuning Built vs Bought Cinquecento track day project

If you sold the car with a private plate you no longer have the right to sell the plate.

Cnuts trick selling the reg if you ask me, if you didn't send off v5 that is your fault.

Just inform DVLA of date of sale and new keepers details, apologise and learn from your mistake,

Was the car on sorn when you sold it Or did it still have tax on?

Sorn is a one time thing now rather than annual, so if it was sorned the only way it can be off sorn now is if there has been a change of keeper or the vehicle has been taxed since you sold it. (Or you sorned it while it was still an annual requirement)

It is possible for DVLA to cross ref the insurance database, If the car has been re taxed it must have been insured by the new keeper, If the car was on sorn when you sold it and hasn't been re taxed then DVLA MUST have been notified of change of keeper otherwise it would still be sorned.

It is not uncommon for DVLA to try their luck with tax finesetc, I've seen it many times where a previous owner had been issued a fine even though they have the change of owner notification slip from DVLA, if they get no response from the new keeper they will send fines to the previous owner.

They went to court showed the slip and had the case thrown out, DVLA rely on the fact that only they have access to there database, if you lose the slip you have no proof and DVLA word is final in these matters.

Putting a reg on retention requires the car to be taxed or sorned continually for at least five years and the vehicle needs to be "available for inspection" according to DVLA website anyway.

You could be opening your self up to some legal trouble if you get caught fraudulently retaining a reg that no longer belongs to you,

being the registered keeper is not the same thing as being the owner, just means you are responsible for taxing and any fines etc, which is why you should never sell/dispose of a vehicle without informing DVLA.
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