Brickfoot's 5-pot Diesel Alfa


So, i realize it's been a while since i was around here, so i thought i'd drop in and let you know what i'm up to :)

Currently driving an Alfa 156 2.4 JTD Veloce, which for a diesel sounds quite nice as a 5-pot, and has a big wad of power in the "go" pedal :)

Photo's from t'snow


Currently, it's had a few bits and pieces done since i bought it in november, but i've had to do a couple of "unintentional" modifications.

First mod is an induction cone filter i fitted since the original airbox casing bolts are buggered (found rusted when attempting to replace the air filter, common problem), and at the time i needed to make an urgent trip to edinburgh. So far my favourite mod, since the the turbo can be heard spooling up, and the whoosh noise on lift-off throttle :)

Second mod, is a straight-through rear pipe to replace the backbox, bought as it was stainless, and cheaper than an original backbox, plus my existing backbox is rotting. As the original centre section is a straight through, i've pretty much got a cat-back straight-thru :)

First impressions are it's louder than i was expecting but i'll see what it's like on the road as soon as i've sorted the rear brake pads (fecked, sliders siezed

Took a video, I think it sounds good with the induction cone filter too, i can hear the turbo
The rear pipe rattles off the rear suspension cross-member on startup at the moment due to clearance issues, hoping to sort that next week.

What do you think?
It's already low enough at the front witht the sport pack suspension, might do the rear though :)

How's tricks Dave?
Is it a lip spoiler or wing? ;-)

Cheers for your comments guys! I've managed to sort the clearance issue, no longer rattles off the suspension cross-member on startup :)

Sounds fab when driving too!
My Bro has a Mk1 156 2.4 JTD chipped to 175. Its seriously top totty and fuel consumption improved with the chip (unless he uses it all). :D

The sound (above tickover) is stunning - cant have a crap sounding Alfa can we. :)
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The sound (above tickover) is stunning - cant have a crap sounding Alfa can we. :)

Absolutely not! I'm rather liking the sound of it now after fitting the straight thru pipe :)
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