Technical Brava JTD wiper problems, and what models wipers will fit it?

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Technical Brava JTD wiper problems, and what models wipers will fit it?

Mr Meltdown

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Jan 14, 2006

Wipers now park upright! Fuse blows when it feels like it (1 day or 1 year apart), Wiper stroke length irratic.

Here's the story:

I've had my car for 3 1/2 yrs and it's always had problems with the wipers blowing fuses etc, well about 12 months ago I'd got fed up with it and put a thin loop of insulated wire in the fuse instead, the loop was so i could pull it out if anything bad happened...

Well all was fine for about 6 months and then the wire burnt out while I was driving (no chance to pull it out after all LOL!) anyway no real damage done. I stripped the fuse box to make sure and everything was OK except some slight burns etc. so no harm done.

Except now the wipers park UPRIGHT!, they still work but obviously they go backwards (down to the bottom of the screen) and park upright boy racer stylie. They have been like this for 6 months or so and still it occaisonally blows the fuse as before this incident (very irregular as it can go 1 yr or 1 day.) Wiggling the wiper blades a bit means it doesn't blow the next fuse installed... otehrwise it just blows them one after the other until I give the wipers a wiggle.

So I don't know what the overall problem is, I think it damaged the intermittent wipe relay when the wire loop I'd replaced the fuse with burnt out, but I think the main problem is the wiper motor as well and it maybe parks in a particular spot it can't cope with and then blow the fuse for some reason.

Any ideas on this one? Relay? Wiper motor? What? The wiper motor looks a pig to replace to me, how difficult is it? (i'm quite competent). Also will other models wiper motors / mechanisms fit, like Marea, etc?