Technical Brava exhaust set up for 1.6 sx

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Technical Brava exhaust set up for 1.6 sx


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Oct 12, 2005

My brava just failed it's mot on a blowing rear exhaust section. the garage i took it to want about £250 for it which i'm not gonna pay. the mech said something about the rear section coming in two pieces but both have to be replaced at once. can anyone tell me what thats all about? my car is a 96 brava 1.6 sx. i've had a brief look on the net and have found what looks like a single piece rear section for around £100. sounds a bit more reasonable to me, any help would be appreciated.

i have a 1.4 dunno how different they are but my rear section is only one piece i had to buy a exhaust recently to pass my mot i was charged 196 pounds for removing my stainless and fitting a new cat and back section so for your 1.6 shouldnt be 250 pounds inc labour would be cheaper to price it up yourself first or try shoppin around a few different garages

Cheers for the reply. I've phoned around a bit and found that different maufactures make the exhaust in different ways, therefore they can come in different sections or as one. talked the the guys at kwik-fit and they quoted £170 so i recon i'm just gonna do it myself. cheers for the help.