Technical Brava 1.6 stalling when cold and high revs idling

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Technical Brava 1.6 stalling when cold and high revs idling


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Sep 26, 2007
I have brava 1.6 16v model year 1997, car has new idle air control valve, new (water) temperature sensor, new ignition cables, new spark plugs, new air and fuel filter and I also reset the ECU (60min without battery).
Fiat tester showed problems with idle air control valve (before it was changed).
But I still have the same problems, when starting cold revs go to about 2000 and when I press throttle revs go down and cutting off. The car is stalling when cold, too. When warmed engine runs fine but sometimes idling revs go to 1500 and sometimes they are normal 800.

When I changed water temp. sensor problems seem to go away, but after two days the same problems again.

Does anybody have similar problems and how can i solve them??
the cranksensor doesnt tend to show up with a fault code and it is often the cause of cutting out so it is definately something to check. also clean inside the throttle body. check the wiring connector on the coolant temp sensor is rust free and there is a god connection.