Technical Brava 1.2 sx HG failure (Please!)

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Technical Brava 1.2 sx HG failure (Please!)


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Oct 1, 2007
Hi, new to the forum just bought this Pretty pleased with it, it runs and the bottom end is nice and smooth, however when started it creates a smokescreen of white smoke, now I know this indcates HG failure, but it does seem a little excessive! So I was thinking cracked water jacket on head? any ideas, has anybody had this?

Is there a walkthrough for HG replacement anywhere? Does anybody have one?

Oh you may have noticed £142!!
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No haven't had chance yet - trying to move house! dont think the problem is severe enough to cause significant compression loss, even with the HG failed the motor 'feels' strong when running I have just never seen so much white smoke! (maybe on police camera action!) gonna initially try some bars leaks at tickover to see if that starts to seal it, I have had success before with this, but any strain on the engine blows the seal! but should give good indication.

Never had a brava before, although I used to have a Cinquecento sporting and used to do weekly runs from Birminghham to Norfolk in it, So will see how I get on!

PS is the 1.2 16v free running?
1.2 16v is a good engine but it struggles a bit in something the size of the bravo.

is your coolant level dropping and is there any sign of oil and water mixing?
oh big time, water in neck of header tank is like oil slick!