Technical Brake caliper service or replacement?

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Technical Brake caliper service or replacement?

May 26, 2011
Passed the MOT but the testing mechanic pointed out the pads were rubbing on the discs.

First, I got the pads and springs out, wire brushed the crud off them and put them back with a spot of copper grease.

Next, foot on brake pedal to push the pistons out about 6mm and then pushed them back with a block of wood and a G-clamp. Did this half a dozen times, seemed to work fine.

Then, checked that the slide pins were free, all good there.

Put it all back together, the pads were still rubbing, but a lot less than before.

I'm guessing now that there is gunk in the caliper behind the piston and possibly bleeding would help clear this. Only problem is that the bleed nipple is knackered and I fear that it'll snap off if I go anywhere near it with a spanner.

So it looks like I'll land up having to replace the caliper or get a service kit and bleed nipple and hope that I can get the old nipple out.

Any tips on getting out the old brake nipple?

Where do I get a service kit or replacement calipers?

Any advice much appreciated.


If the brake nipple snaps, usually leaves a hole in centre, using a good quality easyout will work, just don’t use too big a size as you could strip the fitting as well.

Good tip if the bleed nipple snaps off.

If I can get this nipple fixed then I'll have a go at fitting a caliper service kit. I've used them a couple of times, once on an '84 Astra and also an '86 Volvo 240. Has anyone had experience with these on the Doblo, or am I better off getting a budget replacement caliper off the web?