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Boot install :looking for advice


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Jan 16, 2007
i want to put a boot install into my car i want two subs, powered by one amp, is this possible????
if so wot type of amp does it need 2 b, i dont understand wot 4 channel and all of that sort of jargon means???
and also i want 2 6x9's and should i run these off an amp and if so wot amp wot i need then ???
HELP!!! :bang:
I think that you can run tow subs off of a 4 channel amp, bridging the connnections for the sub- you will have two sets of left and right connections. . . bridge the left and right together for output to a sub.

You could then run the 6x9s off of a 2 channel amp.

I would probably connect the 6x9s and one sub on one amp, and a sub on a two channel amp.

Hope this has helped.
run the two subs off one mono amp and a two channel amp for the 6x9's(if you have you have them at all)
I guess it depends how much power you want going to the subs/ 6x9's if you want to power a more powerful sub sayyy.. 1000 watt its true you would have to power the subs and the 6x9's of different amps (bridging the subs) in which case you require 2 outputs from the head unit (which i dont have)

But for me i run my whole audio at 150watt (2x subs + 6x9's) so am able just to use one 4x amp.
how do you run 6x9s and two subs off a four channel amp? surely that would stress the amp far too much

depends on the amp. you wire the 6x9's (or components if you're a real man) to 2 normal channels.


if its only a 2ohm stable amp then you have the 2 subs wired in series to the bridged channel, this gives half the amp output as having 1 sub (effectively you run the subs with a 4ohms circuit), but you double the output at the drivers, net effect is nothing. but if your amp has a good 4ohm output then this method can create a greater overall output because distorsion begins at a higher output when you have 2 subs on a 4ohm circuit rather than 1 on a 2ohm circuit. generally this method is daft and should be laughed at.

if its a 1ohm stable amp wire both subs in parrallel to the bridged channel. then you have double output. this is the proper way to do it, but you need a real amp, not a 2ohm stable boyracer amp.

alternatively, if your amp has trimode you can run the 6x9s and 1 sub from 2 channels and then another pair of 6x9s and one sub from the other 2 channels. this is the poor man's way to have a fully amped setup. it can work well, but generally the effective RMS output will be low from the amp because tri-mode isnt very efficient.
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That seems to be a good way of doing that to be fair.... might just give that a go lol (y)(y)

could i run the 6x9's off the 1x mono amp too as i only have one output on my headunit or would i have to run them a 45watt (from the headunit)???
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If he's gunna do that then might aswell get a mono amp for the subs then an independant amp for the speakers. Can help to reach the sound ranges, can't it? Btw car audio direct is rubbish. Ok just wrote this and read the last post lol
My head unit only has one output which can be connected to an amp..... so i have to just connect the 6x9's to the head unit;)
i have a sub on each rear channel on the 4ch amp, and 13cm on each front channel
it only clips at really deep bass on certain songs, but is loud enough... i might bridge the subs to make a comparison, but i am satisfied with it as is.
everyone ive ever talked to about amps and things etc seems totally bent over bridging rear channels

little question... what resistance do i have if im running subs on separate channels, and each sub is 2ohm? does that make 4 ohms? and would be 1 ohm if bridged?

run them all off a 4 channel

Stop giving silly undefined answers. If you use a 4 channel amp the chances are that it wont like being bridged and will end up clipping. Get a 2 channel amp for 6x9's even tho Components up front would be better and a mono amp that can take 2 ohm load to run subs, but a 2 channel amp bridged would b just as good but less likely 2 handle 2 ohms. I say it needs 2 run to ohms because if you take 2 standard 4 ohm subs and run them parallel then the total load will be 2ohms and often a 2ohm load will be 50% or more output than 4 ohm and the same again with 1 ohm but 1 ohm monoblocks can be expensive it all depends on ur budget so ley us no.