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back in tomorrow :cry: and in 25 mins god knows how many vodafone company phones will go down for anyone that was due to have restriction on service for not paying bills, and i'll get all their calls as of 8.30am tomorrow :cry:
I'm not back 'til the 9th. I have plenty of tasks to keep me busy this week though :rolleyes:
pinin__prestatyn said:
It's not good. Just one more day would have done it! What's worse is I've become nocturnal, I get up and midday and don't kip til 4. It's gonna be harsh tommorow !

:yeahthat: H has been keeping me up late this week - my alarm goes off in just over 6 hours time.... there is gunna be tears :cry:
Im back 2moz! 8am start as usual!! I didnt get up to about 12 today aswell!! Harsh is the word!! :(

Oh well I will be thinking of you while ime slaving behind this computer
oh its a hard life :woot: