General Bonnet will not open :-(

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General Bonnet will not open :-(


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Oct 11, 2007
Help, I can't get my bonnet to open the release handle inside the car does not seem to be attached.

Many Thanks

you are pulling up the release handle under the bonnet too right? (y)
mine snapped on my old mk2, i needed a new bonnet anyway so i cut into it. I tried to open it using a sort of over sized allon key (don't know name of tool) and with a bit more patience i could probably have got it open.
Mine is a bit slack now, And an mate who has a mk 2 has trouble closing her bonnet. Must be a common fault??
Could be a few problems, but it can happen to any make of car because the cable streches or gets grime and dirt in it or the handle snaps etc.

1) keep handle and bonnet catch well oiled

2) could be a streached or snapped cable like mentioned above.

3) broken releace handle - grip the cable with some grips and full manually and order a new cable :)

4) stiff bonnet releace - spray wd40 or other lubricent to loosen.

All else fails - take it into a local dealer or garage :)
If is the mk1 then just lie down with head and shoulders under the front end and can put your arm up through and open it. Just make sure the exhaust is cold :p I forgot after snapped a second one and destroyed a 200 quid jacket :D
If your release handle in slack maybe your cable snapped off inside. same thing happened to me on my mk2 punto. If u get it on a ramp u can get a small screwdriver in to the bonnet release catch from underneath. Its a bit tricky but if you can find the hole in the side of the catch you can push the springs apart to release the bonnet then all that is left is the safety catch which you normally open from the front. I got a new bonnet release cable from the fiat dealer only cost approx 10 pounds. the cable is longer than needed but i think its for the left hand drive version