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Technical Blue Remote keys fobs

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Jan 16, 2006
I,m a newbie here and i hope you can help

I have a Punto 2002 with remote locking. The key and remote still work but the blue plastic housing is broken and fiat say I need to purchase a complete key and remote.
Does anyone know were I can buy the Blue Plastic Housing (FOB) or does anyone have an old key remote which I could purchase and use.
Sorry to invade but how much would Fiat charge for a new Remote Locking yey for my car, including cutting and coding
Most garages charge hour labour for coding(seems to be standard charge)but worth trying to get it bit cheaper if your a good customer.If not ask them to do a scan for errors & see if any updates available...might aswell if your paying for the time.
Fiat quoted me 120 Euro's for the key, remote control and re programme.
i have all of the above all i needed was the blue plastic housing.

have now done a deal with a guy on e bay

Many thanks for all the help