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Technical Blown exhuast

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Jan 8, 2006
:( Hello all. The back box on my cinq sporting has got a rust hole in it. I've looked into pricing to replace the rear section only (£50) but been told that it'll be waste of money as front end tends to go next and best to get whole new exhuast.

Not long moved into my first house so things are bit tight at mo, but if whole new exhuast is best option I'll go for it. But thought I'd see if any of you guys have any advice on this???:)
If you are really unlucky you will damage the front bit getting the rear bit off. If you are not doing the job yourself you may find that the extra labour for removing the back box on its own is makes the front bit quite cheap to get both done together.


My (Brava) exhaust had some problems recently and while only one bit corroded enough to knock it off after thwacking a speed bump, other parts wee quite bad too as it was all the same material and I had to have it replaced right up to the cat. Saying that, there wasn't much price difference once labour was factored in as well. Can it be patched to keep it going for a few weeks?