Bloody little chavs

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Bloody little chavs

Mar 31, 2005
Newcastle upon Tyne.
Some horrible little :tosser: had stolen the internals from the n/s mirror on my dads Ford Focus, and he cant just buy the mirror with the swivel joint, he had to buy the WHOLE UNIT :bang: at a cost of £63 :eek:. Thankfully we have been able to fit it ourselves, but it looks like when the chavs have pinched the mirror they have scratched the paintwork below the mirror :(
Sorry to hear your news.

No better down South - someone etched 'F*ck U' on my roof, etched a noughts and crosses grid across the bonnet, then keyed the rest of the car down to the metal. I am only 3rd party too, so I have to bear the cost. B**tards!!:cry:

Hope you find out who did it.
Don't even get me started!!!!!

Hacks me off that I obey the law, yet those who wreck peoples property for the fun of it get away with it and I get no justice. However, if I couldn't afford my council tax I could end up in prison - how does that work?

Both my cars wrecked by others and I'm saddled with approx £1400 of repairs.

Hope yours works out better.
I know wot you guys mean but its not just chavs,its little shiats too.My girlfriends parents went to a car dealer to px theirs,10mins later when they came back a little 8yr old went down the length of the car 4times with super rough sandpaper.
well the dealer has been having problems with the same kid for a very long time but the mums a druggy and doesnt give much shiat of the kid so theres no chance of gettin money out of her:bang: .
Mind you if it aint cars its putting through shop windows which are another thing but its which the written law doesnt seem to reconise in this day&age which is a loophole for the young and minor crimes which could add up to alot and could make little horrors into bigger ones with bigger problems.
If they cant move they cant break things,so "a eye for a eye"sounds good sometimes-so they break your car u break their legs!(y) too extreme maybe?
these little goits don't know the law, so why not abuse it, I know I would and have to recoil on personal conflicts, and the law has equally 'protected me' (me being the person in the wrong on one occasion).

Keying cars is one of those things that really pish's people off, I now have two volvos parked either side (bay parking place) of my punto, grand cost of near 4metric tonnes of sweedish protection??? Free!! However the help is priceless.
Yes this kind of thing pees me right off her in doors had similiar with the last car she owned an 02 astra she is a matron and works very long hours so some anal pillock decided if would be cheaper to nick the covers on the mirrors costing with spraying £40 a side i put the covers on myself but left a little note stuck inside on the caseing Quote:- to the theiving bastard that has just stolen this cover i hope your gonads wither and drop off (y)