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Bit like pizza


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Jul 7, 2005
Seen as though i now have my heart set on one of the stilos now, i have been spending alot more time searching the web for stilo parts instead of cinq ones. BAD GED, BAD GED. :D :devil:HEheheheheh:devil: . ANYWAY while on my searching travels on trying to find 50mm drop for it a can across the NOVITEC front bumper. HUMMM NICE


Looks good i reacon, bit like pizza :yum:

But like this one aswell


Bit like pizza too :yum:

Which one has more of the best topping to yall????
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Found it on this site with alot of other cool stuff to

But went to look again today and it looks like they have stopped selling it :( As a full bumper i thought
But they still have the pic in the Photo Show galleries

Page Number 25

I dont know though maybe you right though mase.

oh and i have started to get into my olives
both lovely stilo's! If your looking for 50mm drop springs eibach do 50mm sportline springs for the stilo which is what i have :D
on that FM site you should see their new panda :yum:

also got a :yum: 159 although I think the only mod the 159 needs is for there to be an option for an italian supermodel of 21years to come with the car:rolleyes: