Technical Back door won't open, any ideas

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Technical Back door won't open, any ideas

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Aug 6, 2021
Well - I eventually got it open without any damage to the door. I had to disassemble the lock in-situ in the rear door to do it. I could probably put it all back together, but tbh, I’d rather put a fresh lock mechanism on and be sure it’s all working ok. Where have people found best for parts? Looking at Shop4Parts - anyone have any experience with them?

Hi All
I have the same issue with my Panda Easy+.
There's been lots of helpful advice on here and after all my troubleshooting, I think I have the same problem as Panda 4x4 TA Antarctica.

So now I'm also attempting to disassemble the lock in-situ - I've managed to locate and remove one screw (see photo attached), but now I'm stumped.
Anyone who's managed to remove the lock with the door closed - can you offer any pointers please?

Thank you!


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