Technical Average Fuel efficiency?

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Technical Average Fuel efficiency?

in my 1.2 16 sporting i get about 36mpg... sometimes more sometimes less...

ull need to convert mpg to kml :p
53 Reg 1.2 16v Sporting, as yet I have never got less than 45 mpg (16 Km per litre) and is usually around 55 mpg (20 Km per litre) on a run when using Shell Optimax petrol, 50 mpg using supermarket petrol

Came back from a break in Newquay, Cornwall to the Midlands at speeds up to 80 mph and it still returned 47 mpg.

Very economical car
My experience is that the 16v engines are considerably more efficient than the 8v.

My MkI 16v would give about 45 mpg (16km/l) and the MkII 8v about 42mpg (13.5km/l). Having said that, the 8v has to be rowed a lot harder than the 16v to meet the demands of my press-on style of motoring.
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