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General Autocar Punto Roadtest


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Feb 4, 2006
This week's Autocar (UK) magazine has a roadtest of the 1.4 Dynamic 3 door Punto (interesting that the word "Grande" is nowhere to be seen), and although I won't reprint the review here - a summary will usually appear online in about a week's time - suffice to say that they liked it, awarding it 4 out of 5 (which is good by their standards).

Autocar made the Punto their choice compared to the Ford Fiesta (not good enough), Renault Clio (good but too expensive), and the Toyota Yaris (rubbish ride and too expensive), and the only thing about the Punto they seemed to dislike was the slightly lacklustre 1.4 engine. I thought it was OK though when I drove one, but Autocar's test car had only done 2513 miles when they conducted the performance tests; their recorded 0-60 time is 13 seconds which is roughly the same as Fiat's figure (0-100km/h = 0-62mph).
I read it today its quite a good article, loads of pics and info, etc. Is a good review as well cant believe theyre talking about a fiat here! lol :rolleyes:

and yep its the choice of the cars in its class ;) :)p:p clio :p:p)