Audi A6 goes up a Ski Jump!

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Audi A6 goes up a Ski Jump!

I saw this on the Audi channel, that cable was there incase the car didn't make it and it'd just lower the car back down the ramp.

But it's still agueable... i think they did it, but i think they should have done it without the cable.
Re: Audi A6 goes DOWN a Ski Jump - and off the end breaking a jump record!!

cable was only there fo r safety and dint help with the pulling up, if it was for pulling up why bother changing tyres? as would get up no matter what. but for safety reasons they needed something. other wise car could slip down and he would probbaly die as it shot off the end of ramp and ino teh ground.
Where is the link to the Audi going DOWN the ski jump??!! LOL

As has been said, it DID happen. The cable is there purely for safety. The whole shoot was shown on the Audi channel and it's clear the cable is not under tension.

It's a repeat of an advert ran 20+ years ago when the UR quattro was launched ;)
damn you beat me to it!!

When the UR quattro came out and coupe quattro they advertised it as being able to drive up a ski slope (afaik its the same one). They used a cable then, but under same conditions, its only there so that when car slides it doesn't fly off the end or crash thru the barrier!

I reckon they did it!