Styling Are Brava & Marea Lights the same?

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Styling Are Brava & Marea Lights the same?


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Jan 3, 2006
First of all, hello guys! I think that front Marea lights are different in style than front Brava/Bravo lights. Can anyone confirm that? And, if are different, can I put Marea front lights on my Brava? (y)
As has been said the top of the range mareas have the poly's (hlx and elx models) whereas the rest of the marea range have the same lights as the Brav's. they do look alot different and rather tasty aswell imo (but im biased) but they also produce a better light pattern giving you better light for when you need them. there is a bit of re jigging of the wiring needed for them to work correctly, but if you go on and look in te guides section there is a part to fitting the poly's.
Yea, I've noticed they are different on some Marea's, but to me Marea lights look more powerful, more forceful! :slayer: And are better in lightning the road to! The wiring is not a problem. And I can check it on that site you wrote down to me. Thanks guys, I really athankful for that! This forum is awsome! Thanks!!! (y)
im going to fit the polys to mine ive got some organised from my local fiat breakers... now if your not the shy type you could do as i am going to do....pull off the glass and paint the black backing surround in body colour.!! i have actually repalced these glasses before its very difficult to get the glass off but by no means impossible.
are you following

your right it is a risk....but how cool if it works....anyone actualy done it.??

like i said i live very near a fiat breaker so i could get a broken one and try it out first.