General Anyone planning on going to the Ace Cafe this evening?

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General Anyone planning on going to the Ace Cafe this evening?

picking my son up in a sec he just finished work, then i going to go indian around the corner from ace, then i be there :) about 7.30 i reckon

be in this punto

Doc cannot make it - some lame excuse about being in Norway or sumfink

Stocking up on rotten fish and paper clips (the latter being one of the very few Norwegian inventions :rolleyes:)?

Ehrm R30...:wave: Any news? :eek:
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Rob's, yes......sorry i've been very slow about it and very busy at work, I WILL PACK THEM this weekend and book a collection on Monday, so you should get them end of next week. i'll email you the PayPal details by Saturday and you need to tell me some info that Parcel Force will need while i pack them and we'll get it moving....:worship:

LRB........See you there:slayer:
Ok - had me a bit worried there :) I thought you had sold them to someone easier do deal with :eek:. I'm off to Moscow this weekend so hopefully I can transfer you the money before then - if not I'll do it on Tuesday.

Hey guy's - a couple of piccies of the Italian Motors night at the ACE Cafe this evening (11th October)..............

Nice to meet ROUGE and his good lady - really good to see that KC3 is still alive and kicking!!!!

Also good to meet some of the Stilo/Punto/Scei lads!!






Hope to see more of you there next month!!! (y)
Pencil me in for next month aswell... still not seen another B in the flesh yet. Mate at work came over and told me there was a green one like mine which was abandoned in the street near where we work. It had a ticket on it saying the council are coming to collect it. Anyway I popped down... turned out to be a Coupe!