Styling any one help me please?

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Styling any one help me please?


Nov 17, 2005
hi there i no this is the same old question an been on here hundreds of times but i am just wondering if any one knows of any where in birmingham which make alloys for the cinq i have been everywhere an no one makes nothink is there any think on the internet? i went to a place in birmingham an for 15's the bloke said i wont have alot of change out £500 is that over priced????many thanks if any one can help!
When buying alloys for cinq/sei it is ideal to say they are for a punto rather than for a cinq/sei. then you can sort out the slight difference with spacers and longer bolts. Mase and j333_evo are the wheel experts :)

500 for 15'' seems reasonable especially with tyres.

Be aware if buying 15'' you may require slight archwork and lowering will only be to a minimum, which is why most tend to go for 14''