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Any kayakers on the forum? - HPP etc.


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May 12, 2005
Evesham, Worcestershire
Just wondered if there were any other kayakers on the forum other than faster4tec who has already revealed his trait as a kayaker. Any others out there with two bad habits (fiats and kayaking)?

Also thought id pop some pictures of Holme Pierrepont on (a man made white water centre in Nottingham), went there yesterday and ended up spending 1:00hour in a queue on the A453 and on the way back the rush hour on the M42. :(, but a good day out.

Pictures (sorry about quality, taken with my phone and not camera):





Man ur car gets dirtier and dirtier lol...

I used to kayak with the scouts but don't get much opportunity nowadays... what with the car, bass, guitar, cycling etc i got my 2* certificate if that makes any sense...
Used to kayak at Uni. Live about 20 miles from Tees Barrage - man made horseshoe shaped white water course. Did the Dee Tour in 2001


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Ye 2* means something,

Glad to see i'm not the only kayaker on the forum. Never been up near the Tee's should go up sometime though.

Anyone else kayak?

used to do a bit with the ole Sea Cadets, did the ardeche gorge and a few other places, just dont have the time anymore. wouldnt mind getting back to it, was always great fun
Wow, holmepoint is way bigger than the tee's barrage!!! on the tee's you have to virtually que down the river waiting to play:(

Do you get river ick;s from playing at nott's??

I got it the first time I did the tyne tour and was out of action for a few days, then when a few of us sort of amateurs (Well we were then) went down the tee';s barrage for the first time, we ALL got sick (well us that are untrained in the art of avoiding river icks). went to the barrafge on wednesday afternoon and around 2am thursday morning I was really badly ill, closely followed by nicky who phoned me up, "oh I'm soo sick, I've never been sick like this before, come and help me", tried to explain that I was equally as ill and had to put the phone down, so then she came over to my flat and we were up the rest of the night being ill, wasn't very nice.
Next mornign I learn't that Sean had also been just as ill. THen on saturday when we thought we were better sean suggested we go out to newcastle on the metro (25min metro ride), it took us 2hours to get to newcastle (Every time we got on it we had to get off at next stop to be ill again), not very nice.

Apparently a pint of coke (and only coca cola no imatations) will kill anything bad in your stomach and you won't get ill. So this begs the question, just how bad IS coca cola if it kills every living bit of bacteria in your stomach??

I see from your photo's that nottingham is in power station valley!! LMAO, on the A1/M1 down from york/leeds right down into the top of birmingham (Well tamford) you can always see a power station!"!!!
Granted the Tees is a lot smaller but it does finish the same place it starts so you can get going again very quickly. Got lots of eddies where you can wait to let the rafts past before going back in for a bit of a play. Cruncher is the best although the acid drop is pretty decent at low tide.
Ye nottingham is just off 25A or 24 off the M1 cant remember its already been two days.

Holme Pierrepont is good because they dont tend to have many rafts on it, none in the week and it was so quite, its also nice and cold. At £8 per person it is quite steep but you get nice warm showers and in the summer a burger van.

It is defenatily true about the coke though, we've never been sick on any trips (been to HPP about 5 times now) and always drink the stuff. Even if were on our local its still worth buying some cheap Pepsi.

We normally stop off at Trent Bridge Mc's too for some more delicatesance.

Hellcat, Andy SX and Faster4tec fancy meeting at HPP or Nene for a good old paddle? or NEC Outdoor Show?

Used to do a bit at homepeirre, It's good cause they can chage the waves at notts, so can be made easier or more difficult depending on what you want.

Used to be down their more to do Dragon Boat racing (whats that i hear you all cry!!). dont go anymore though, i got too old for the junior squad, and couldn't get into the adult squad!!