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Technical another remote?


Mar 10, 2004
lancashire, United Kingdom.
seicento mpi came with one blue key (second generation one that i dont need a master key) and an alarm fob

can i get this one blue key copied in a local key cutting place?
also how do i go about getting another alarm/central locking remote for it?

also it came with a small barrel type key with META on it the same word that is on my alarm fob button what is this key for where is the keyhole for it? cheers
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Sounds like you have Fiat's META alarm system. You may be able to get a replacemnt remote off a Fiat dealer, unless anyone else knows of somewhere else you can try :)

The barrelled key, I'm guessing, may be some sort of alarm/immobilser override key?
You should still have another blue key. Check with previous owners of this vehicle for another blue key. Second generation Seis came with 2 blue keys.
I dont think you can clone it as it contains all the immobiliser information. Someone correct of wrong

As mentioned the meta system is your central locking/alarm. I have this key too and wondered what it was for. There is a code number on mine so i imagine if the system failed this code would reset the unit, and i would take a guess this key fits in the actual unit in your vehicle, maybe as part of resetting it if required.

Meta do products for fiat so maybe check at your dealers if still unsure.
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